Portrait de photographe #005 – Daniel NOLL

The idea behind the series “Portrait de photographe” is to highlight the work of photographers I like and to build a gallery of portraits of photographers (put the photographer on the other side of the lens). Today, a portrait of Daniel NOLL.

Shooting at Morgan’s Rock, Pacific Coast in Nicaragua © Audrey Scott

Shooting at Morgan’s Rock, Pacific Coast in Nicaragua © Audrey Scott

The first photo?
It’s likely that the very first photo I took was actually with an unimpressive family camera, an old Kodak disc camera. My first serious photography would include some black and white SLR photos, including of an old instrument and record shop that I took in my old neighbourhood in San Francisco North Beach. When I lived there, the neighbourhood had a nostalgic, timeless quality. So the black and white medium really fit.

Your last photographic shock?
Contrast Steve McCurry’s headliner shot of a young Peruvian boy in his gallery entitled Contrast and Clarity (http://stevemccurry.com/galleries/contrast-clarity) with the young Indian boy and the fire headlining his Seeing Double gallery (http://stevemccurry.com/galleries/seeing-double). Each photo is impressive on its own, yet even more impressive considering it comes from the same hand.

What triggered this irreprehensible need to capture light?
I believe it’s less a trigger and more an evolution. An evolution that incorporates a growing appreciation of what it means to experience life in its fullest, including its most ordinary moments, its most ordinary forms.

Basically, what you are looking for when you press the shutter button?
Exceptional, the most honest representation of the moment, or both. Photography presents us with the challenge : How can we capture the best framed (some might say two-dimensional) slice of a three-dimensional experience. I’m spurred by a feeling, an emotion, a connection – and it’s my hope of communicating those through the limitation of the frame.

Any projects underway?
A few, including a book that attempts to do justice to what we’ve discovered about life while traveling around the world for over seven years.

What if Photoshop did not exist?
We might be better off. We would probably find alternative methods to alter and otherwise play with light and color, just like Ansel Adams and others did well before the age of Photoshop.

The photographer who inspires you the most?
Two, I suppose. Henri Cartier Bresson. Bresson had a way of capturing the ordinariness of humanity in a way that made it look extraordinary and almost lyrical. Steve McCurry. His portraits are satisfying and unsettling in one go. His photography makes me wonder what the subjects are feeling and thinking — and what about them and their lives brought them to that exact moment.

A photo that you’d wish to take?
There’s no specific subject that comes to mind. However, I can dream of taking a photo like Earthrise (http://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/imagegallery/image_feature_1249.html#.U9ps5oB0qjg) one that fundamentally alters – for the better – the way we view our planet and our shared responsibility to care for it.

Bio express : We (Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott) are a married photography and blogging team on a journey around the world. In December 2006, we sold everything and quit our jobs (consulting and international ops and legal, not at all photography related) in Prague, Czech Republic for a 12-18 month around-the-world trip and creative sabbatical. Over seven years later, our journey has transitioned into a life and business. We continue to travel — learning, shooting, writing, blogging, sharing, connecting and arguing over who gets the DSLR camera.
While we enjoy landscapes, the type of photography that engages us most involves humanity – shots from local markets, street scenes, rural communities, and the faces of the people we’ve met. We aim to capture people as they are, as we see them, unstaged. Our goal is to personalize and humanize, to convey the human spirit and make the world feel accessible and approachable. Some examples of this photography includes photo essays like Women from Around the World or Kids from Around the World.

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